Personal Development
This program has been designed with the goal to guide you and bring awareness about the quality of your life.  The main purpose is to help you reach ultimate life- satisfaction.

How does it work? 
Our busy schedules and lack of time to do what we truly love leads us to have an unbalanced life, which disturbs the flow of our lives. You spend most of your time giving attention to work, making money, and buying things that we forget that money doesn`t buy happiness. Yes indeed, it can buy things that can make us happy, and pay for a great holiday overseas; however, it is only temporary happiness that you can buy.

Our belief system impacts how much we can achieve, a common belief that blocks people from having it all is as an example: “I need to work hard for my money”. Where a more constructive belief to have would be: “I make money easily and effortlessly”.  Depending on the type of work you do you may be thinking: “Yeah right, as if it was that easy!” .
It is that easy, as long as you remove the blockages and the negative beliefs that are guiding your life.
You may not have money problems, but you find it hard to be with someone. Maybe your relationships don`t seem to last? Or maybe you don`t do anything that you love to do?
This program focuses on finding a happy and fulfilling lifestyle.
It takes the main areas of your life, and analyses what it is that you are lacking in order to be able to tell yourself “Yes, I AM HAPPY”.
Limiting beliefs and internal conflicts are then carefully reviewed in order to find out what is stopping you from reaching your full potential.
This program is based on the assumption that:


HappinessPerceptions + Reality
PerceptionEnvironment + thoughts + beliefs/ values
Environment = current situation + internal conflict
Putting all together:
Happiness = current situation + internal conflict + thoughts + values/ beliefs.


What does it mean?
In order for you to consider yourself HAPPY and JOYFULL, living everyday with a felling of fulfilment, you need to review what is stopping you from achieving that feeling.
Taking into consideration:

  • Your current situation
  • Your thoughts pattern
  • Your beliefs ( constructive or destructive)
  • Your life values
  • And dealing with internal conflicts

This program will guide you into finding how to create a fulfilling life, and bring insights on your thought patterns and how those thoughts and beliefs have been holding you back all this time.
Hypnotherapy is an effective method that can be use to remove destructive beliefs and self- sabotage thoughts. It works by dealing with your subconscious mind where all of your beliefs and values are stored.

By the end of this program you will be:

  • Gaining insights about your life and behaviours
  • Removing self- sabotage thoughts and beliefs
  • Gain awareness of what areas of your life needs more attention in order to create a balanced life
  • Start taking action towards you dream life

How Long Does this program takes?
This program is delivered in 4 sessions. However depending on your level of resistance subsequent sessions may be beneficial.
Hypnotherapy sessions are carefully planned and designed to suit YOUR needs, no two sessions are the same.

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