Pediatric Hypnotherapy & Behaviour Management Consultancy

For Children, Parents and Teachers

Pediatric Hypnotherapy 

  Hypnotherapy for children and teenagers requiring assistance. Pediatric Hypnotherapy uses storytelling and creative visualization techniques to help children and teenagers dealing with emotional distress. Sometimes children are seeking help, but they don`t say what they feel, they will show it through various different types of behaviors. They may start acting out, yelling, crying, lacking focus, having nightmares. Hypnotherapy will help them to create new tools to cope with life events. When parents notice early signs of distress, it is beneficial to take action quickly so the problem doesn`t escalate. At Beyond Your Thoughts we work with children from 6 years old.  

Some of the common issues that children and teenagers express are: 

– Anxiety

– Bed Wetting

– Nightmares/ Night Terror episodes

– Anger

– Bullying 

– Eating Problems

– Body aches/ pains

– Feeling unsettled 

– Lack of Focus/ Motivation

– Feeling Lonely

– Psychosomatic illness

and more. 


Behaviour Management Program 


Behaviour Management Consultancy is a service offered to help parents managing children`s behavior. It is designed for parents with children of all ages, ranging from how to manage toddler tantrums to teenage defiant behaviors. If you had tried different ways to help your child, and nothing seemed to work give us a call, we will be happy to help. 

The program runs for a period of 3 months to implement planning, during that time can rest assured that you will get all the help you need. 

What`s Included? 

Initial consultation where we will discuss the behavior that needs to be addressed.

You will then receive Program implementation to start implementing at home. 

within 3 weeks we will meet again to see check the progress. If modifications are necessary, those will be done accordingly.

For reminder 2 months, you will get phone or Skype consultation to keep track and ask any questions. 

We combine many different areas to create a personalized program: 

– Positive Psychology approach 

– Psychotherapy

– Mindfulness exercises

– NLP ( Neuro-Linguistic Programming) 

– Hypnotherapy ( Storytelling for children) 

SleepTalk™ for children ( Accredited Consultant)

Defiant Behaviour

When children and teenagers are acting out, there is a reason behind it. Whether they might just be seeking attention, testing boundaries or having issues managing their emotions, defiant behavior has a big impact on families everyday life, also it can impact on school performance. 

In this program we focus on the reason why the child is acting up, and how to manage the situation.


Sleep is extremelly important along the lifespan. It is the time where we allow us to recharge, if your child is playing up to go to bed, or wakes up throughout the night to jump on your bed, here we deal with this type of problems. 

Bed wetting

Is your child toilet trainned, but suddenly has started to have “accidents” and you don`t know why? There are many reasons why  accidents happen,


When thinking of tantrums, we always think of toddles, however many children will continue to throw a tantrum till later stages, not being able to be told what to do or manage their emotions will impact on the frequency of trantrums.

Learning Difficulties

Learning difficulties can steam from various reasons, lack of attention, focus and willingness to sit down to complete homework can impact. Sleep, Nutrition and Self- esteem also are important components that are taken into account when focusing in improving learning.