Goal Setting 
This program will open up a pathway of opportunities for those who have been planning and thinking about their long term goals, but haven`t yet been able to accomplish them.
The basis of this program is to trace a major goal in your life and eliminate the reasons why you haven`t yet been able to take ACTION.
The most important part of accomplishing any type of goals, whether they are short-term (something you want to in the next 3 months) or long- term (a goal that can take a few years), is that it doesn`t stay only in your mind.
You need to take ACTION!
Sometimes people struggle with procrastination, time-management, confusion on how to get started, or they don`t think they can reach that desired goal because of their current situation.
Your Long-term goal is what you desire most, in some area of your life. If it is a career change, opening up a new business, being financially free so you can have long holidays a couple times a year, whatever your goal might be. This program will help you break down your plan into manageable steps, what we call enabling goals.
You will learn new skills and ways of thinking that will make your goal achievable.

How does it work? 
Hypnotherapy will come to great advantage in this program, as it will help you increase your motivation, stop procrastinating, and remove blockages and barriers that exist in your mind.


This program also works in increasing your self- efficacy (how much you think you can achieve), and removing subconscious blockages.

How many sessions are required? 
The Goal- Setting program is delivered in 1x 1.5hours session and 2x 1hour session, however this is an average length of the program. The length will be influenced on how much ACTION you are taking, and how much subconscious resistance you may have.

How much does it cost? 
There are no differences in pricing from hypnotherapy sessions. Go to Services page for more information on pricing and payment method.
A 15% discount is given if 3 sessions are paid in advance.
If you require any additional sessions normal pricing will apply.