Confidence Vs. Self- esteem is there a difference?

What is Self – Esteem?
Self- Esteem is your opinion about yourself. It`s how you judge your skills, your looks and your behaviour.
People with low self- esteem feel unhappy with themselves most of the time and this feeling spreads in different areas of their lives.

Characteristics of a person with low self- esteem:

  • Ignores their positive quality
  • Is very critical about themselves
  • Judges themselves to be inferior than others
  • Uses negative words to describe themselves
  • Uses negative “self- talk”  with themselves
  • Are constantly being critical and self blaming
  • Blames themselves for things when something goes wrong, not taking into account external factors
  • Don`t believe other`s when receive a compliment.

What is Confidence? 
Confidence relates to self- esteem; however a person with high levels of confidence also has a high level of self- efficacy and optimism.

  • Confidence is about being certain of your own abilities.
  • Confidence is about having trust in people, plans or future.

To build your confidence you need to raise your self- esteem and your self- efficacy and be optimistic!

What is Self – efficacy? 
Self – efficacy is the belief you hold about your abilities and capacities. How far can do you think you can go in life? Do you believe you can do it? Are you afraid of taking risks?
Those questions are based on self- efficacy.
In order to build your confidence levels, first you need to create a positive image about yourself ( self- esteem), then you raise the view that you have of how much you can achieve in life ( self – efficacy).
Building up your confidence levels will help you creating a better life for yourself and a better image about yourself, leading you for a bright future.