Your mind holds an extraordinary amount of power; your thoughts create your reality. If you want to change your quality of life, we go Beyond Your Thoughts into your subconscious mind. That is where all the necessary changes are made for you to claim your life back and get in contact with our inner self.

We are a Mind Wellness clinic that uses Clinical Hypnotherapy as the main form of treatment in our programs.
We offer our services for a wide range of issues, ranging from Quit Smoking, to Self- Development Programs.
Our goal is your happiness.

We design our programs based on your individual needs to create long –lasting changes in your life.
We understand that life can sometimes be stressful and challenging, and our body and mind struggle to keep up with staying positive and healthy.

We are here to help.

Our aim is to see you creating the changes to have a happy, healthy and fulfilling life with great accomplishments and achievements. We understand that sometimes everyone needs a bit of extra help.  We are here to give you that help.
Clinical Hypnotherapy has helped thousands of people around the world to achieve their dreams, desires, stop smoking, lose weight, stop cravings, bad habits, sleep problems; Just to name a few.
Now is the time to turn your life around!

Sabrina Louise 

(BPsySc,Dip.Clin.Hyp. & Psych, CMAHA; NHRA™)

Thank you for your interest at Beyond Your Thoughts. My name is Sabrina Louise and I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist. I have the best intention with my clients.  I make it all about you!

I believe that each person is a unique individual, with different dreams, goals and history. So my focus is all on you. Each treatment is based on your individual needs.

For the last 9 years, I have been what you can call “obsessed” with human behaviour, I have studied children`s services, Bachelor of Pyschological Science, NLP, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy in order to find what is the most effective way that I can help those around me.

When I first started I was really interested in Neuroscience, where the main focus is how the brain works and how the brain affects our behaviour. For more interesting than it sounds, I noticed that there was much more to people than the biology in their bodies. I moved on to researching the mind.  That`s when things started to get interesting, and when I found the answers that I was looking for.

Our minds holds the power to change our lives, we all have that power but we don`t know how to use it. Hypnotherapy was popping up everywhere for me, in readings, research and people I would talk to about behaviour change, so I decided to study NLP (Neuro- linguistic programming) first.” Wow, is that really possible?” I thought to myself on my first day in class, and the answer is “ Yes”, everything becomes possible once you understand how our mind works. It amazed me how powerful the human being is and how many things we can achieve if we only would know how to use half of this power.

Hypnotherapy studies started after NLP, and I fell in love with hypnosis from day one. It allowed me to understand the human mind in a more profound manner and heal emotional pain and blockages that we at some stage put it aside because we didn`t feel strong enough to deal with.

That`s why I am here! To be your guide on your journey to a better life, to teach you how powerful your mind and your thoughts are and help you changing your life for the better. I will help you get in contact with your inner- self and create the changes that you want.

I hope I hear from you soon, so I can guide you on your amazing journey to success.

A bit more about me…

Bachelor degree in Psychological Science (BPsySc)
Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy
 Practitioner in NLP
Adv. Dip In Children`s Services
Positive Notice – Blue Card (QLD)


I hope I hear from you soon, so I can guide you on your amazing journey to success.